LGBTIQ Research Nigth 2019

for the
LGBTIQ – Research Night 2019

Tuesday, 14 May 2019, 7pm University of Zurich,
Room: RAA G-15

At the LGBTIQ – Research Night 2019, students and (young) scientists in LGBTIQ research field will present their current projects and research work and put them up for discussion. We hope for active participation and active exchange between science and the public.

Therefore, we are looking for students and scientists who are willing to present their started or completed scientific achievements or work dealing with LGBTIQ topics in the natural and/or social sciences. The candidates will have the chance to illustrate their work in a short presentation (approx. 10 – 15 minutes) and exchange ideas with the audience. Submissions from all disciplines and with an interdisciplinary approach are welcome.

The association NETWORK – GAY LEADERSHIP will again award this year a Network Research Prize worth CHF 500 among the speakers of the LGBTIQ Research Night.

With the Research Night, IQS wants to encourage students in particular, but also established scientists and lecturers, to deal scientifically with LGBTIQ topics in their work, and to promote and make known well-founded findings on LGBTIQ topics in Switzerland.

For more information and for subitting your registration, please send an email to:

Registration deadline: 31 March 2019.